Thursday, April 24, 2008

Monday morning's a nice shade of blue

was it Monday after all
roads afresh
sparkling gold
alert, engaged
green-lit sentry poles
to gaurd my way
on a calm new day
when my hapless heart
was already astray?

was it Monday -
- sprightly, gay -
or was it just you
- or maybe me-

after all?

Sunday, April 06, 2008


Even mariposas must wait
for autumn to turn to spring
for flowers to bloom

(*) mariposa = butterfly

¿Quien eres?

¿Quien eres?

¿imagen del que esta anhelado
O testigo de los trocitos de mi imaginaciĆ³n?

y porque no me vuelves
para volar un poco,
flotar un poco
en la sombra del verano
feliz, de las estrellas?

Who are you?

an image of one who is awaited
or a witness to the fragments of my imagination?

why not return to me
to fly a little
to float a while
in the shade of a happy, starry summer?

El futuro es espacio - II

(*) I wish I could understand my future
but the future is space-
space the colour of my soul
soul of a dream
where nothing exists
not even time
only a moment complete

up & home & away

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