Monday, June 09, 2008

The Curse of the Locksmith (or the Secretkeeper)

the locksmith knows the working of locks -
their mysterious levers,
clutches and chinks;

he knows how to pry forth
from their machinations
treasures, fortunes and dark desires

can unravel their enigmas,

lay bare their twists and tricks

in the blink
of a broken promise

.but he doesn't.

-this secret keeper
is no oath breaker
- is no one to steal pleasure
from the prepetrator


twelve leagues under a sea of darkness
sinking with the weight of summer,
the ghost of last year's unforgiving slumber
filled up my drowsy thoughtfloat bubble
with a series of
silly lemondrops

"Semi-colons!" I cried
much to my dismay -
but they hadn't a care
for my fullstops

they only shoveled and pummeled
every one of my memories
that would've rather just stayed away
from this fray,
from being dragged out into the open
into this melancholic display
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