Friday, June 22, 2007

The Deam of the Rain Swept

The stupor of the wind swept
rain swept
eyes laced with lethargic gold
and silver drops in shining lights
in verdant window frames
bursting at the seams
with dreams
and a day's worth of cinematic haze:
the dregs of an imagination
put out to graze.


Nilakantan said...

Very nice... Good one

Mandakini said...

"dregs of an imagination put out to graze"....thats great stuff !!!

Ruchita said...

gracias gracias...much obliged that u liked it n more so that u read my blog :)

@mandakini...that line could also be translated into hindi as "buddhi ghaas charne gayi hai" but that only occurred to me just now!

hpk said...

Really nice... :)

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