Thursday, August 13, 2009

तितली उड़ी

upon seeing the new butterflies, my Dadi reacted by singing an old poem she learned in school. How she remembers it 70 years later, I really wonder!

तितली उड़ी
उड़ के चली
बस में चढी
ड्राईवर ने कहा
"आजा मेरे पास"
तितली बोली
"मैं चली आकाश"



Mandakini said...

i know this one :) except the last line was different in the version iv went,

driver ne kaha
aaja mere paas
titli boli
"hat badmaash!"


gunj said...

i agree with mandakini .. but i have heard both the versions..:)

Ruchita said...

lol...there seems to have been a predator version and a non-predator version. talk about a lesson in self defence!

Ruchita said...
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still water said...

nice :) A big hug to dadi.

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