Wednesday, February 03, 2010



Anonymous said...

wow, what course is this?
or are you on a trip of your own? ;)

the colors add greatly to your already colorful writing.

very, very intrigued!

Ruchita said...

ah...this started as an assignment for a writing workshop that's part of my larger course curriculum. and then i enjoyed the yellowness of the post-its so much, i deviated and started writing other bits of poetry on them

give it a shot!
it's addictive tho ;)

Anonymous said...

oooo,i'm going to go and buy colorful post-its now!

in the meanwhile, more of your new way of writing poetry please!

maybe once the house if full of them , you could take a panoramic view of the place and put it up. That'll be something else! A house invaded by poetry and post-its! yummy!

Anonymous said...

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